Glitzy Glam’s Animal Stuffing Workshop

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This is our back to school event for the younger ones. The Book Buddy Workshop is an interactive story hour, connecting a story book character to a stuffed animal workshop. Must register with $20 payment by July 14th so that I can order the raccoons that will be hand stuffed by your child. Each buddy will help kids learn important lessons- like the fear of the first day of school, making new friends or how much fun it is to play and imagine. I will be reading the book “Kissing Hand”. Book Buddies Put Fun Into Reading and Give Young Learners Reading Motivation and Literacy Skills

Book your own private workshop! $50 deposit require to book a private workshop. Whether you’re looking for a study buddy, a pet or a pal, there are plenty of Book Buddies to choose from. There is a story and a buddy for everybody that will expand and inspire each child’s imagination. During the workshop, the children are read a storybook, then bring the plush character to life by hand-stuffing it and wishing on a star.

Our furry friends appear as characters in books, helping kids to become involved in the story, and find reading fun.